DIY Body Scrubs – Coffee and Honey!

DIY Body Scrubs – Coffee and Honey!


I love to make my own products, it definitely is one of my passions and below is the recipe I use to create my very own coffee and honey scrub. The good thing about this scrub is the majority of the products you have lying around in your kitchen cupboards.

I mix coffee granules, honey, brown sugar and a splash of olive oil and vanilla extract to get this delicious scrub that leaves your skin super soft as well as leaving a yummy scent, which is always a bonus!! In regards to measurements, I don’t use them myself I normally just take a handful of coffee, spoon of syrup and sugar and splash of olive oil and vanilla extract but if you do make too much find an old jar and save it for next time!

Body scrubs have many benefits for our skin and it is super easy to create one from the goods in our kitchen. Get your skin ready for this summer and slough away your winter skin.

I wouldn’t recommend using this product on your face as this is often the most sensitive part of our skin, I personally would stick to your hands and body as we don’t want any of you getting red faces!

I would usually apply this product with my hands or a sea sponge in the shower and once out lather up in moisture to see the best benefits!

Megan Olivia Scott x

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