This look is one of my favourites of all time, in fact its my go to look for most occasions!

The look I will show in this blog post is my day look, I would wear this look in the evening however I would ‘glam’ this look up by including lashes and liner and overall a more defined face.

morphe palette warmOrange tones, especially a dark burnt orange is one of my favourite eyeshadow colours, the reason being It is a great contrast with my eyes. Me, having blue eyes with an orangery tone shadow is a good combination as it enhances my eye colour. Brown shades are also one of my favourites as I find them very warming on any eye colour but also adds definition. mac warm palette

My go to palette for this look would be the MAC Warm Neutral Palette (which includes my favourite burnt orange shade as you can see on the Right) or  Morphe Brushes 35W 35 Colour Warm Palette (Left) both palettes are extremely pigmented and blend seamlessly.

I love a nude lips and my favourite nudes are “MAC Fleshpot, MAC Honey Love and Mac Barely There” I also find Maybelline lipsticks the perfect dupes for a cheaper alternative that are super pigmented and nourishing. Always pair your lipstick with a lip liner first, think of it like a primer for your lips it will help your lipstick stay on longer like a primer helps your foundation last all day!

I will do a tutorial on this look for my ‘glammed’ WARM BROWNS AND NUDE LIPS that will walk you through the progress step by step in case you’d like to follow.

Megan Olivia Scott x

warm browns and nude lips

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