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I have had this kit for a little while, I received it as a gift a few Christmas ago but recently as I have mentioned in previous posts I have been totally into my skin care. In fact I think these products were the very first to kick my skincare mission off!


This brand does offer products for all skin types; Dry/Normal/Sensitive/Oily skin,  I buy this product from Capital Hair and Beauty which is a UK Hair and Beauty supplier and the one I use is ‘Rebalancing’ for Oily/combination skin.

Rebalancing Facial Kit


Cleanser & Toner

Both the Cleanser and Toner have the following ingredients to help clarify your skin- “Benefiting from mallow and cucumber to moisturise and soften and witch hazel to help refine pores and reduce oiliness.”


“Extracts of Mallow and Cucumber help to moisturise and hydrate while Vitamin E helps to protect the skin”


Maskkaeso 4.jpg

“Extracts of Willow Bark and Witch Hazel, Natural Astringents help to boost skin tone while moisturising.” The mask helps revitalise the complexion leaving skin looking more radiant.



“With extract of Mallow to moisturise and Coconut Oil to help skin conditioning the balance of the skin is restored and left looking bright and radiant.”

kaeso 3

My favourite being the toner, I use this day and night. I like most women do use facial wipes to remove my make up because let’s face it, it’s just so easy and quick! However I do understand how bad this is for your skin, so initially I remove my make up with a facial wipe, then cleanse, tone and moisture. Once a week I will use the mask in the kit and or the exfoliator depending on my skin that week.

Doing this routine is like giving yourself a mini facial not only a pampering treat for yourself but, for your skin as well! And you know you definitely deserve it.


My Routine

Cleanser x 2

1. Apply a pump of cleanser into your hands and rub into your face- The first cleanse is to take your make up off. Remove with damp cotton pads / or Flannel

2. Apply a pump of cleanser into your hands and repeat the same motion – the second cleanse is to get deep into your pores and erase any leftover make up – Remove with damp cotton pads / or Flannel


Apply toner on to a cotton pad and wipe your entire face and neck, you may need two.

Mask and/or Exfoliator

(*Optional for daily/weekly use)

Remove with flannel or facial sponges (Leave on for around 10 minutes)


Apply toner on to a cotton pad, I normally use just one cotton pad at this stage, make sure its  damp and wipe your entire face and neck to make sure if it completely rid of makeup and dirt!


1 /2 pumps will cover your face and neck.


These are not the only products I use for skin care, and if I do not use the ones above I have alternatives.  I do like to change my routine up, to try and get the best out of my skin. If it’s working then I’d go with it but every once and a while I think it’s nice to let your skin try something new.

Megan Olivia Scott x

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