The famous lip trend…


How to get the famous lip trend that has been all over social media recently…

 So I’m sure we’ve all seen the below image floating around the internet well I’m going to break this look down for you with products you may already have in your make up bag..

lip inspo


First apply a lip liner in a light pink shade, personally I chose Stripdown by MAC,

Then apply a light rosey colour lipstick – I chmy look olips 1oose Shanghai Spice also by MAC.

Then apply a clear/light pink gloss -I choose Soap and Gloary Mother Pucker.

Then to really capture the main point of this look, rub your finger across your highlighter to pick up product and dap this onto your lips to create this highlighted pink look.

and just like that, you have created this gorgeous look! how simple and easy??

Try it with any shade of lipstick and look flawless ladies!!

my lips look 2P.s  I would love to see any of your looks, so make sure you tag me on Instagram and twitter for me to check out your look!

Megan Olivia Scott x


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