S u m m e r G l o w

How to get the perfect summer glow?

My holy grail tanning product, this is the only self tan I use.


I love using gradual tan, this product gives off the perfect colour and gives your body a sun kissed glow.

I have been using this product for a few years and I use it all through the year when I need a little extra something! I do have quite pale skin but unless you know me personally the majority of people assume I have an olive skin tone and that is all down to this amazing product!!

I tend to apply this product at night post showering, I do apply a moisturiser beforehand but this is optional as this product is very nourishing. Apply a generous amount to the desired area to avoid streaks and rub in thoroughly. Leave it to work its magic over night and you should wake up with a reasonable colour change over night. Apply more to get your desired shade. I tend to go quite dark with the product whilst still looking like its a natural tan.

This product has two shades ‘Deep Sun-Kissed Look’ or ‘Light Sun-Kissed.’ I myself always go for the deep sun kissed lotion.

My best advice is to keep your eyes peeled for any promotions on this product and to stock up whilst its on offer. In UK drugstores Boots/Superdrug they often go on promotion for half price or even less and therefore I tend to bulk buy and get around 6 for the cost of 3 and save those pennies.

As you know yourself  the offers never seen to happening when you need the product, so I like to be prepared in advance!

The RRP is around £7.79 for 400ml bottle.

garnier summe body

Megan Olivia Scott x

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