BEYONCE 30/06/2016



That is all I can say, BEYONCE!!

So after three years I finally got to see this lady perform on the Formation World Tour and WOW!

I thought I would do a quick breakdown of my look and the 4 – 1- 1 on the concert.

So a few months back, my mother surprised us with Beyoncé tickets for me, my two sisters and herself. A girly trip, with dad at home looking after the pups!

beyonce tickets

Full Glam Breakdown


I had been planning my hairstyle for a while, I really wanted tight tight curls however I had to change my plans due to having a shortage of time. I French plaited my hair the night before and left them in till the last minute.  I back combed my hair to give it a little extra something and tied the front section up in a top knot.

beyonce selfie

Make – Up

You know when you’re praying for your make-up to go right? Well this was one them occasions and boy, wasn’t it going SO wrong. I was having a mare. Luckily in the end it pulled through!

beyonce make 3

beyonce make up

beyonce make up 2 proper


I went for a shirt/blouse in the colour cream which probably wasn’t the best idea after I caught my sleeve in my sauce at dinner. But I loved the look, it was sheer and had a choker attached and paired it with black skinnys and heeled boots.

misguided packageoutfit at beyonce


We stayed on the outskirts of Cardiff in The Village Hotel, lovely hotel & rooms. Full of ladies ready to get in formation so it was little unorganised on the front desk but never the less a great stay.

bedroombed in cardiff

Take a look at my Instagram for the Videos from concert!

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