Inspire Yourself

So, its been a few month’s since I last posted.. I experienced some change these last few months and whilst adjusting I left the blog on the back-burner. ..  so will just class it as a ‘summer holiday.’

But now lets get back into it..

I like many of you scroll Instagram whenever you get a few minutes to see what’s new, what your favourite people our posting and just catch up on everyone else’s life! Which led me to stumble across the below post..

and it made me think, why aren’t I working on my own thing. I have huge dreams that I am determined to make happen and am I really doing everything I can to reach them goals quicker?  and that answer to that was no.

It totally inspired me to get back to blogging and working on achieving my own goals.

I am a huge fan of quotes/images/clips/films, anything that can inspire and motivate someone. I love seeing quotes that you can relate too and put in to practice.

I hope this will give you all a little push to keep working on you and keep on that grind!!

Megan Olivia Scott

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