So, After being home a few weeks and still having holiday blues I thought I’d sit down and reminisce on my fantastic Holiday in Greece.

So at the end of September Daniel and I, headed off to beautiful Greece on our first holiday abroad together (very exciting.) We choose Greece as we both hadn’t been to the Greek Islands and wanted an adventure in a place where we both hadn’t visited.

We stayed in Kos about 10 minutes from the central town, in a small hotel which suited us perfectly. Our days were filled with Sun,Sand,Ping-Pong, Alcohol and a hella lot of laughter and love. It was just what we needed, a relaxed holiday with one another.

We loved wondering across the road to the hotels own private beach where we’d often be the only two led on the sun chairs. I’m not normally one for beaches but I absolutely adored this one.

We would wander in to the town during the day and for dinner in the evenings to explore our surroundings which were absolutely gorgeous.

It is safe to say we had the best time and I cannot wait for our next adventure to Budapest in November.

Now have a little browse of our trip!

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