Skincare Haul – January 8th 2016

Hello Darlings,

So as we all know we’ve just celebrated Christmas and me also being a December baby (30th December) means I’ve had a lot of lovely lovely presents.

Top of my list this year, SKINCARE. I have turned a little obsessed.

I did get well and truly spoilt which means I’ve had to make extra storage for all my new products but that’s not a problem.

So my skin has always been very problematic, I have had acne and still get plenty of spots as well as having a oily t-zone. And as most of you know I am a therapist so I work with people’s skin daily and its fascinates me. But after some recent training with a new brand, I have just fallen in love with Skincare, I want it all!!!

Therefore, I’ll just show you a mini haul of some of the fab products I’ve been trying out at the moment.

Further information on these products will follow soon.

Megan Olivia Scott x

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