365 Days..

So the other day I got the reminder on Facebook that it has been a whole year, 365 days since I started this blog!! I remember it like it was yesterday, literally it’s crazy.

I cannot believe that I came up with this idea over a year ago, I remember I thought of the idea early evening and I spent so much time trying to figure it all out. I really wasn’t up together with technology, I was reading so many blogs and watching videos on what would be the best platform, designs to use and overall how to work a website. It took time, so much time!! I was up to the early hours of the morning just trying to figure it all out. I was so into it!

That night was sleepless, I kept waking up wishing it was time to get up so I could start working. I was so excited. I just couldn’t sleep. It was crazy. There was a fire literally burning in my belly and I wanted to work.

I have always loved business and I cannot wait to have my own business one day. It’s been one of my goals since I was very young and I know I’ll do it.

 I know I don’t always find the time to sit down and write content but when I do, I love it. It’s an outlet that I love to explore.

So here’s to the next 365 days & I hope to see you along the way…

Megan Olivia Scott x

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