Festival Season.. W I R E L E S S

Hello Hello!!

Now, If you know me personally you know I’m not the type to go to a festival.. at all. But a few weeks ago now, I went to WIRELESS.

Well I don’t think I’d ever camp at a festival so wireless was perfect, a day festival where I could go back to my hotel room and sleep in peace with my bestie!


The festival was INSANE, we went all three days and we loved it. The weekend goes so quickly. When you look back reminiscing on the way home, you catch yourself for a moment thinking ‘wow’ what an incredible event. The atmosphere, music, people and vibe was the best. I can’t wait for 2018.


As Im not a festival regular I had no idea what to wear, but the most important thing to remember is ANYTHING goes, literally A N Y T H I N G. Honestly, I saw some outfits that made you double look. The main struggle being footwear as Im not a woman who wears trainers and with the weather being so unpredictable, it can be tricky.

Best websites for festival pieces; BOOHOO, MISSGUIDED, PLT


We stayed at Motel Hotel Tower Hill, which was a great location, very central and easy. Lovely hotel, just what you needed for the purpose of sleeping and getting ready.

Overall weekend;

Unforgettable weekend, I would definitely recommend trying a festival. I mean I don’t think I would camp, as it gets so messy!! But I cannot wait to go next year.



​Untill then..

Megan Olivia Scott  x

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