Curly Wurlyy – Lee Stafford Chopstick

hello beauties!

I have toyed with the idea of getting a perm recently but whenever I tell someone this they always look at me in horror and tell me NO WAY, but are we all just sleeping on the perm vibe..

I guess the good thing about this generation is that we can easily adapt, we can alter our appearance in a matter of minutes whether it’s for the good or bad..

But I like my hair curly, I may even say I love it. Sometimes it’s just that little something you need to spruce yourself up.

So the other week. I had the weekend off (it was sooo DREAMY) and I thought let me curl it on the Friday and I’ll be set for the entire weekend.

Now people always assume that it takes so long to tightly curl your hair and believe me I’ve got a lot of hair, I’ve been blessed with thick thick hair. But I would say 45-60 minutes is a fair amount of time considering its lasting me 3/4 days (15minutes a day on average) and sometimes I’m lucky enough for my girls to curl it for me before a night out.

I use the Lee Stafford Chopstick Wand and I love it, it fits the purpose perfectly and for £20 its a bargain.

I section my hair out and then choose small sections to curl at a time. Depending on your desired look, pin the curl to cool for a more intense tight curl or let it drop.
After curling the entire head, I will then comb through and back comb each piece. I like big hair and a lot of volume so I let the curls loosen to give a more natural fuller look.

Let me see your faux perms!


Megan Olivia Scott x

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