Surprise 80th Birthday

So it was my grandmas 80th Birthday on Friday 21st July, so all my family decided to head down to Devon to celebrate the occasion, a huge surprise. My grandma had no idea, assumed her son’s were off playing golf and she would just be seeing her daughters. With my dad’s side of the family being on the larger side you would never expect or normally be able to get us all in once place.

It’s very rare we all manage to get together other than at Christmas time, so I was looking forward to it and a weekend away in devon was a plus.

 It was such a lovely weekend and to see the look on her face was priceless.

We stayed at a little B&B in Darlington which was so sweet and quaint “the cott inn.”

On Friday evening we had the surprise dinner which was delicious. My dinner was so yummy. I had plaited my hair in the morning so I was ready to go (anything to save time as I can take forever to get ready) and did a glittery copper lid to bring out my eyes a little with a nude lip.. of course.


Now.. my outfit.

I FINALLY got to wear my denim dress I had brought just over a year ago.. I literally haven’t had an occasion to wear it since, so when it came to packing and I came across this in the back of my wardrobe, I thought that’ll be perfect.


Second Day..

We had a BBQ around my aunties house just outside of Totness and filled up on lots of yummy food and a few games. We just took time to enjoy one another’s company and catch up.


Third Day

Woke Up – Enjoyed a full English breakfast and checked out.

On the way home we headed into Dartmouth to have a little look around the village, stopped in a few shops and continued to enjoy the rest of the weekend.


It was truly a gorgeous weekend, I guess the only thing left to say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA!

The countdown to my next weekend away starts now..

Megan Olivia Scott x

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