Gratitude Walk..

Hello Beauties!

Gratitude walk.. so let me tell you how it all started.

So recently after the gym, my friend and I will walk back to the car as a little cool down (fyi the car is about a 40 minute walk not just down the road.) As friends do, we were just catching up with one another and reflecting on our weeks/days/life’s. So I put a name to it, a gratitude walk.. now I’ve heard of this before and I think we semi somewhat do it all the time, when with loved ones and even walking on your own, clearing your mind working through issues etc.. but if you don’t quite understand, let me explain it.

It’s something you can do with a friend or by yourself, my suggestion would be with a friend. That you trust, you’re able to reflect with and just be able to talk freely. It sounds silly, but certain people we associate with, we don’t actually talk too.  When I say talk, I mean really TALK, no barriers, no sugar coating, someone you’re not going to be judged by,  you can talk freely with.

Its rare, so rare. So find a friend like that and keep them.

On the walk, I suggest picking a nice location where you can enjoy the scenery, and just leisurely walk/jog or run. Focus on your week, reflect on the good just as much as the bad, upcoming events, worries, concerns and thoughts you may have. Its you time, we all need a little bit of that.

 It’s so important to just be able to talk through our day to day lives, sharing our thoughts and problems with a companion and being able to process it. Not everyone has that, so cherish it. It really can make such a difference on our day to day lives, I know I feel so much better talking to my girls and getting it off my chest.

I urge you to try it, it will leave your mind at peace and you will feel fulfilled and happy. and what’s better than that?

I absolutely love it.


Megan Olivia Scott

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