St. Ives


Sooo… I’m back.

I just had the best few days away, I cannot even explain to you how much I needed a break.

So for a couple months now, I had not been feeling my normal self so I took a little me time. Just realising It’s ok, to not always be ok.  I’ve taken time to focus on myself, and continued to build.

So when this trip came up, I literally jumped on it. I was like you know what it’s a break from everything and I haven’t even had a week off of work this year so also majorly overdue?

I just took time to relax and do my favourite things aka eating a lot of food, enjoying the best company, spending time in the spa and taking in the most beautiful scenery, ever.

I was obsessed.

We stayed at The Carbis Beach Hotel, absolutely gorgeous. If you know the scenery of St Ives and the surrounding beaches, you just know. So Carbis Bay is about a five minute train journey from St Ives, so literally perfect.


Our trip away consisted of lots of food, alcohol, laughter and full of love! I’m so happy we got away and now I’m back to myself. I’m feeling good.

We both needed the escape and to just take time to ourselves and have a good time in the gorgeous scenery! The most perfect company ever!


We took advantage of it being a Spa hotel and indulged ourselves.


The spa, the treatment we had below;

Serenity by the Sea

120 minutes

Melt away with this full head-to-toe experience. The treatment combines our partner brands Aromatherapy Associates and Lava Shells in order to relax and rejuvenate, enabling you to indulge in the full C Bay Spa experience, leaving your whole body feeling refreshed and revitalised. This 2-hour treatment begins with a short consultation, so we can understand what areas you would like to concentrate on, what your preferences are and understand how we can tailor the experience to your needs. Each area of the body is treated, beginning by exfoliating and massaging your feet and lower legs while soaking in a foot bath infused with essential oils. Then, moving on to the back of the body, you will receive a lava shell massage focussing on tense and knotted areas using these natural self-heating shells. Finally, we move on to the scalp to perform a Ayurvadic scalp massage before finishing with a one hour tailor made facial to suit your needs.

Wow it was gorgeous, two hours flew by. I was so into the treatment, it was just a bit of me. I was so relaxed, my body felt paralysed, like I couldn’t lift my body. It was gorgeous and started the trip perfectly.

I just couldn’t stop taking photos (I think I may take a photography course.) enjoy having a little nose.

I’m Back & Better.

Excited for the next few months! Can you believe it’s nearly the end of the year!! Let’s do this.

Megan Olivia Scott x

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