Surprise 80th Birthday

So it was my grandmas 80th Birthday on Friday 21st July, so all my family decided to head down to Devon to celebrate the occasion, a huge surprise. My grandma had no idea, assumed her son’s were off playing golf and she would just be seeing her daughters. With my dad’s side of the family being on the larger side you would never expect or normally be able to get us all in once place. Continue reading

Page 1 of 365 – 1st January 2017

Hello All and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Its been a long time since I’ve posted and with a lot going on I just haven’t found the time. But I am ready to plunge myself into my career starting with the beginning of 2017.

I love this time of year, everyone reflects back on their year either it be good or bad, memories they’ve made, holidays, time shared with loved ones and when you really think about it, life is truly AMAZING. Just think of everything you’ve done this year, everything you’ve achieved, new friends, new family members, its incredible how much can happen.  It’s been a fantastic year!

But my post today is all about 2017 and conquering this year. Continue reading