Clarins Face Treatment Oil

C l a r i n s

F a c e

T r e a t m e n t

O i  l

This product is EVERYTHING!!!!

At first I was slightly hesitant to put an oil on my face, due to having oily skin. I didn’t want to add oil on oil on oil and look like a grease ball but this was not the case and I am  so glad I tried this product!


I usually apply this face treatment oil at night at let it work its magic however, I did use a few drops of this product mixed with my foundation and it created a prefect dewy look. A look I tend to normally avoid having oily skin. Continue reading


 I have been using this moisturiser for a few months now, after seeing a youtuber rave about this pVITAMIN E CREAM OPENroduct, so  I headed to superdrug to pick one up for myself.

This product is currently on a special promo, if you follow the link Vitamin E Moisturiser you can pick one up for yourself.  Even better at the moment Superdrug is currently offering Buy 1 get 2nd 1/2 price on selected Superdrug Vitamin E making this huge tub just £2.99!! Continue reading

Date Day 22 . 5 . 16



Just a little glimpse..

Hair ; Loose scraped back bun, pinned in place to secure.

Make-Up; Winged liner, Nude lips, Simple neutral eyeshadow.

Outfit; White oversized shirt, paired with blue denim jeans and had to go with nude lace flats due to the occasion.












kaeso 2

I have had this kit for a little while, I received it as a gift a few Christmas ago but recently as I have mentioned in previous posts I have been totally into my skin care. In fact I think these products were the very first to kick my skincare mission off!


This brand does offer products for all skin types; Dry/Normal/Sensitive/Oily skin,  I buy this product from Capital Hair and Beauty which is a UK Hair and Beauty supplier and the one I use is ‘Rebalancing’ for Oily/combination skin.

Rebalancing Facial Kit


Cleanser & Toner

Both the Cleanser and Toner have the following ingredients to help clarify your skin- “Benefiting from mallow and cucumber to moisturise and soften and witch hazel to help refine pores and reduce oiliness.”


“Extracts of Mallow and Cucumber help to moisturise and hydrate while Vitamin E helps to protect the skin”


Maskkaeso 4.jpg

“Extracts of Willow Bark and Witch Hazel, Natural Astringents help to boost skin tone while moisturising.” The mask helps revitalise the complexion leaving skin looking more radiant.

Continue reading

MY LOOK 19/05/16

MY LOOK ON THE 19/05/16

Yes, I was out on a school night but who’s keeping track!

The break down of my look; Make-Up, Hair and Outfit!

sneakbo night out



Tonight I went for a sleek straight hair look. Firstly I straightened all my hair, I choose a middle parting and added some volume by using a TEASING COMB. I  took the front section of my hair on both sides and tightly secured it with a elastic band underneath my main bulk of hair. I then applied a bobby pin on each side to secure this just behind my ears, I apply hairspray to make sure it stays in place all evening and keep my flyaway’s  under control. I then complete this look by using my TRESEMME FINISHING SPRAY.

Make Up


 I started off by applying concealer on my lid, I blend this out with a beauty blender and apply a setting powder to seal the base.

I place MAC PAINTPOT on my lid, as a primer and then use my lightest eyeshadow shade white/cream (1) to cover fromactual numbers mac pal my lid to brow bone. I then go in with a custard/beige (2) shade to make it easier to blend at the end, I apply this below my brow bone. In my crease I then go in with a burnt orange shade(3), apply a little and then blend and repeat in till you get the colour you desire.. (You can always apply more, so take your time.)

I then chose a cranberry purple shade for my outer v(4), again apply a little, blend and repeat. Finally, I used a gold glitter shadow on my lid(5) to add a bit of sparkle,  to get the perfect consistency I always wet the brush as this will give off a higher pigmented colour.  I suggest MAC FIX+ or URBAN DECAY SETTING SPRAY.

I went with a winged liner however did not fill in my water line as it sometimes can close off my eyes making them look small. I always apply shadow below my lash line with the dark cranberry and burnt orange over the time. I curled my lashes and applied some mascara before I put on my false lashes.

(I have used the MAC palette in this post so its nice and easy for you to relate and follow the steps.)


I used my KIKO Eyebrow Sculpt Automatic Pencil and go over this with the MAYBELLINE GEL LINER (BROWN.) Both these products are dupes for Anastasia Beverly hills browwiz and pomade. I then go in with my LA GIRL PRO CONCEALER to tidy up my brows.


On my face I went for a full coverage foundation, I mixed ESTEE LAUDER DOUBLE WEAR  and MAKE UP FOREVER to give me my base. I went for a strong contour using ANASTAISA BEVERLY HILLS contour palette and bronzed with ESTEE LAUDER SUN GODDESS. A pale pink blush on my cheeks from the BH COMSETIC BLUSH PALETTE and plenty of highlighter from the BALM cosmetics MARY LOU.


I applied MAC STRIPDOWN lip liner over my entire lips and then went in with a dark brown liner to intensify my lip line. I choose to wear one of my favourite nudes  MAC BLANKETY and INGLOT 263 lipstick with a shiny gloss.

sneakbo face (2)


 The dress code for this event was all black, but that always seems to be my dress code!

My outfit is a two piece however it does give the impression of it being a jumpsuit. I am wearing a body suit and high-wasted wide legged trousers with slits on the side both from BOOHOO, paired with a belt I got from ASOS years ago!

sneak bo outfit 2

Megan Olivia Scott x



All I can say is yum, yum, YUM!!!

This product smells SO delicious; it’s as if you’re on vacation with the ocean breeze hitting your face.

I was gifted this product as a present, and ever since putting it on my face I have adore it! Although the product is subscribed for your face and body, I choose to apply this product on my face only.

I would apply this product before I have a shower, around 5/10minutes beforehand giving the scrub enough time to really sink into my skin. Every time I wash this product off my face without fail my mouth will be watering!!! Once removed and out of the shower apply your chosen moisture to seal the softness.

I will use this product once every few months, as I like to give my skin a monthly treat and this product will rotate with others throughout the months.

This product helps with;ocean salt main pic

  • Keeping your skin super soft.
  • Conditioning your skin.
  • The minerals from the sea salt will help with the removal of dead skin cells.


I will attach the link below, so you can check out the LUSH cosmetic website and further information on this product will be found there.


Let me know if you have any favourite LUSH products and if you’ve picked up any new goodies!

Megan Olivia Scott